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Morning - 1.12's out! 🚀 Full details in the release notes at Of particular interest, though: * Aggregations in the query engine - an oft-requested feature! 🙂 * We've brought Crux's module system up to speed with what Crux's 'unbundling' makes possible. We've done an awful lot of unbundling in the last six months, but the means of configuring Crux has until now remained largely unchanged - this brings the three core components (transaction log, document store and query indices) to the fore. We've also added support for configuring Crux nodes via JSON, and vastly improved the support for Java users. This is a breaking change - you'll need to update your calls to start-node. For users familiar with pre-1.12.0 configuration, see the migration guide for before/after examples. * We've added support for Azure Blob storage to be used as Crux's document store. Credit to Henrik Mohr (@luposlip) for this community contribution - thanks Henrik! We're sure you'll agree it makes a great addition to the Crux ecosystem. JDBC - we've fixed a bug in the creation of some of the JDBC transaction log backends, ensuring that the transaction times are now stored in UTC all the way through for new transaction logs. For existing JDBC users, see the release notes for more details, and our *recommended migration. For full details of all the PRs and issues included in this release, head over to the GitHub milestone ( Cheers, and happy Friday!

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when ever I try to use an aggregate e.g. {:find [(distinct ?x)] :where [[?o :some/attr ?x]]} I get told "failed: logic-var? at: [:find :logic-var] spec: :crux.query/find-arg"


Are you definitely using 1.12? You can see the version in the map returned by crux.api/status against the node


Aww, apparently I was on 1.11

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