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It's that time of the year when I push my pet conference. We have gone online this year for obvious reasons. Due to costs already incurred unfortunately the event is still ticketed at a cost. I argued that most online conferences are free but the other organisers are used to managerial/trade conferences where even online conf's cost and we've not got enough sponsorship to cover costs already committed too. I can tell you that we will not make a profit (in fact the main organiser is currently looking at a substantial loss!). Anyway, if you or your employer have a conference budget please consider this conference on the 12th Nov. I am working on a big name keynote speaker atm but they haven't committed so we've not been able to announce but I'll update here when we can. Also CfP is still open for another few days if you want free entry and are willing to earn it by giving a talk! I will see if I can get a free ticket to give away here too.


got stung by a bug caused by mutable state in a dependency library


and i'm so used to working in clojure i didn't even spot the mutation until my third run through cos i'm still in the 'assume everything returns a fresh copy mode'


that cost one of the other devs two hours and me one hour haha



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Rachel Westmacott20:09:49

is anyone aware of a gotcha in core.async's onto-chan!! method?

Rachel Westmacott20:09:47

It doesn't block which is usually what happens when I get core.async wrong, but the items never seem to appear on the channel