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I have just started a new `expo-cljs-template` project and I am getting this error: Unable to resolve "WebSocket" from "js/figwheel-bridge.js" any idea what could be going wrong. I did update the Expo client to 38.0.0.

Michaël Salihi18:09:02

@thomas How did you upgrade Expo? Did you go incrementally ?


no, I just bumped up the versions in app.json and package.json

Michaël Salihi18:09:53

OK. Expo recommanded to uprading incrementally as you can see on this page: I just tried lein new expo you-project +reagent , then expo update 35.0.0 and the project run for me.

Michaël Salihi18:09:53

Since Expo v35, you can see the file app.json change little bit...there is no more "sdkVersion" line.


cool thanks. I'll try that

Michaël Salihi18:09:02

Since the template is outdated, now I would recommanded to using fighweel-main or shadow-cljs: • Figwheel-main docs: • Shadow-CLJS example repo:

Michaël Salihi18:09:08

Another repo for with Shadow-CLJS, Reagent + Re-frame: