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putting out a new release with some smaller improvements, the main one is that Ctrl-C should be much more reliable now. If you are midway through a test run and you see there are some failing tests, you can interrupt it to see the details of the failures. This was always supposed to work but half of the time it didn't.


this also contains an improvement where we skip over group tests (e.g corresponding with a namespace) if there is nothing inside the group to test. This is mainly done because the spec-test-check plugin generates a test for each ns, even if it doesn't have any fdef's in it. So instead of [()()()()()(..)] you now will just see [(..)]


also if you are using the spec-test-check plugin you can run only your generated tests with bin/kaocha generative-fdef-checks, since it's really just a test suite. This should have worked before but because of the order things happen the test suite got added after the filtering had already happened, so it would always run, even when doing e.g. bin/kaocha unit.


kaocha 1.0.700. What a nice round number!


Would I be right in thinking that the kaocha.hooks/pre-run will be run only once before all the tests are run and similiarly, the kaocha.hooks/post-run after all the tests are run?


yes, that is correct.


pre-test / post-test run before/after individual tests


similarly pre-load / post-load run once, pre-load-test / post-load-test run once for each tests (unfortunately we're stuck with the inconsistent naming)


thanks...looking to spin up a little db before all tests are run then tear it down afterwards.


Yup that's probably the place to put it