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Terve, Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but, do any of the clojure-heavy companies in Finland offer internships? I genuinely don't even know where to look. Here in Estonia many of these more eccentric internships and positions are mostly entirely filled through recommendations and with very narrow targeting, as far as I am aware.


It's a good question 👍 I think these positions are generally not advertised, happen often to local students met e.g. in a student gathering, conference or so. Or sometimes through knowing someone or even just pinging people.


As far as Nitor goes we have not historically done a lot of internships but hired people with 10+ years of experience. It has happened over the years but it all depends on the details. Have to show potential, have to have something useful to work on available at that time etc.


The normal channel would work e.g. with the caveats I mentioned earlier about timing and potential etc.

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Thank you very much.

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