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Jim Newton15:09:07

I am unable to load a file from cursive. I believe the reason is that cursive falsely thinks there are recursive dependencies.

Jim Newton15:09:21

Is there a way to load the file anyway?


Hmm, is that :require syntax valid @jimka.issy? I think people usually put [brackets.around.them]

Jim Newton15:09:56

I filed an issue in the cursive issue tracker:

Jim Newton15:09:24

Yes, the synax is correct. At least it loads fine from lein (command line) and from cider.

Jim Newton15:09:12

the [brackets] are not needed if you are not using any decorators

Jim Newton15:09:48

BTW cursive seems to be an amazing project. congrats to the developers.

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Jim Newton15:09:31

even though I've run into a few limitations I can see the value 🙂

Jim Newton16:09:19

BTW this problem of circular deps came up because i'm using Cider normally, but one of my students (A scala programmer) is trying to look at the clojure code to figure out how it works and implement a similar project in Clojure (based on the same underlying theory). He's not an emacs user, so I hoped he might be able to run the code using cursive/intelliJ. This seems to be pretty difficult unfortunately. 😞

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)18:09:02

Is there a setting to make fns taking keyvals for parameters align them like a map (e.g., component/system-map)?


Can you show me an example of what you want?