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I'm looking for remote Clojure/ClojureScript job for last 2 month is it really possible to find one 😉 ?


yes @U2GNBC05P - my company is all remote (we don't have any open positions atm), and we have a UK-residents only restriction, but there are such jobs


I see, unfortunately I'm from Russia. And that shortens the marked for me, since remote but US/UK residents positions are closed for me.


From my experience, there are tenths of applicants for each open position, so I find it really difficult.


best options (as always) is to find connections somehow, attending meetups (presenting at meetups), conferences and other social activities with people in person is a good opportunity to find jobs. Some of them will be remote


In my experience if you are not from US / UK it is very hard to find a remote job, but it is possible. But it can take long months,


Because there is always restriction you have to be from US / UK. Fortunately there are companies which have more opened mind and don’t have an issue if are from another country.


I would never understand why it is like that, but it is like it is


I feel like the only companies I see with country restrictions are US and UK. If the company is based in Germany and they allow remote work, it's usually worldwide (at least for the postings I've seen). So maybe by focusing on non-US/UK countries, you can have a higher success rate (if you're based in let's say Russia)


on the other hand most of offers are in US / UK and have better rate


Maxim, since you are in Russia, my suggestion would be to get connected with Clojurists or people interested in using Clojure. Then start looking for companies in the US and Europe that have Clojure in their stack and start sending proposals for outsorced contracting. Most companies in the West would rather prefer working with a group of mercenaries, and not solo-players, even though in most cases that would be more expensive for the company. But they are willing to pay, since that model is less risky.


find a job in EU is much easier, than in US while you are in Russia


Hello there, Motiva AI is hiring a remote (US/Canada) Junior Clojure dev We're a distributed team of 5 right now. There are currently two of us working on the Clojure codebase, @j0niand myself, which is the operational guts of the product


As an FYI, the image of the job description you attached is really small even at the full zoom allowed (Mac/Chrome)


Unreadably small.


That's just preview generated by Slack.

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