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Announcing V0.18.3 of Saite and V0.3.3 of Aerosaite. * Aerosaite is the uberjar artifact * Saite is the 'library' artifact The uberjar is 1. self installing (use --install) 2. self updating (use --update) 3. Main server (use --port and --repl-port or better yet, use the scripts linux-runserver and mac-runserver. Win10 bat script in the works) Generally, you are probably going to want to just use the uberjar. Some new things since last announced here: * --update option for updating if you already installed a previous version * Places any new / or updated resources in `~/.saite/Updates/<version> * Turnkey support for Neanderthal on Win10 * automatically installs correct MKL libraries * ensuring proper path not yet available as W10 server running script just now in the works * Show doc and show source (defaults to Ctrl-X D and Ctrl-X S) * Remember last cursor position between tab selections * Auto centers last cursor position when selecting tab * Center current position: emacs recenter-top-bottom (defaults to Ctrl-L) * Editor / output layout control (top/bottom, left/right, which goes where) * Themes: there are 62 to choose from including (my favorites) zenburn and solarized. * there is a new config.edn option for this: [:editor :theme] * there is a new control to change on the fly during a session * Codemirror instances now remembered across tab selection (not yet fully used) * New Docs/Scicloj/BosCljMeetup document. Updated and refined version of old Scicloj demo * has full gallery with walk-through documentation * nice walk-through templates exercise / tutorial

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