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hi, as a Clojure/Script novice with not much of a frontend development experience (but already felt the pain of React app state scattered through every possible places) want to learn how to do things with re-agent/re-frame. I would like to find a “reasonably sized” showcase app which is used in production, not too difficult to comprehend but complex enough to demonstrate how one should organize the code, what is the shape of the db, how to deal with pre-existing apis, how websockets, timeouts, client side routing, local storage, etc compose. Obviously every app is specific but still would like to feel what I could achieve if I “do things properly” Could you recommend something to look at?


thank you! for some reason it was not easy for me to google 🙂


I have gathered them over some period of time. :) People sometimes mention some of such projects. Also, it should be possible to search on e.g. GitHub itself given that it has a tag system.

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Includes all items on your list except websockets


thank you, will have a look


Here’s the quite simple demo app for kee-frame. It’s kind of in production, as I use it myself to check football results 🙂

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