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With we're building up a boutique Clojure consultancy/agency. We believe coding is a team sport, and we're looking for people who want to be on our team. We can't offer silicon valley rates, but we make sure people feel they are adequately compensated, and provide a supportive, low stress, flexible environment. We're bootstrapping this, bringing together devs and clients step by step. We started early 2019, and have some new client assignments in the pipeline for 2020, and so we're ready to involve some more people. The main things we look for are good communication habits, and intellectual curiosity. It's fine if you feel like you still need to level up in Clojure, we can help you with that, and maybe you can bring something else to the table. At this point candidates should be set up to freelance, i.e. be able to invoice. Timezone-wise the closer you are to Central Europe the better, but we're happy to talk to anyone. If you want to have a chat to see if we could work together in the future then send a DM to @plexus.


applications are now closed


that was fast 🙂 #congrats