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a few months back someone posted a few alternatives to a straight-up map for the app-db, and I'd meant to try it out. Of course, I can't remember it now and it's not on clojure-toolbox. It wasn't datascript, but a lighter-weightt lib that was a couple steps up from a huge map. It seemed to do a bit of denormalization internally. I'm hoping someone remembers its names. TIA.


Maybe it was You can also use your search engine of choice to search for relevant keywords.


That wasn’t it, but that’s neat too.


Er, very neat.


Yes! Thank you.

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@rgm by the way, theres a compound2 branch for compound that I haven’t made official yet, but have been working with internally for a while. It’s a single file, it’s faster (there’s an optimised macro version), and smaller (doesn’t pull in spec)

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