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When printing to Calva repl i'm getting <repl#7> before each line, ie (print "test") <repl#7>test Is this a Calva thing (and how can i get rid of it ) or something else?


I think it might be a Calva thing... The way to get rid of it is by sending a PR. Or at least file an issue about it. It was a while since this was added, and I don't remember the rationale.


Alright, shall make one. It appears to be affecting :node-repl mostly... If I look closely, the printout side effect appears above the func. call line in the repl. (hmm:)


It's out-of-band prints. So when the evaluation is finised, but there are still printing side effects from it, they get printed like that.


Issue is done. Is it possible at all to address the out of band print outs and do you need a separate issue for this?


What do you want to address with the out of band print outs?


Calva causes my editor to be brutally slow on large files. I tried disabling auto-format but to no avail. I'm happy to change the code to resolve this because there is basically no competition in Clojure extensions so I really need Calva to work. Can someone give me some direction on where to look for what may be causing this performance hit?


How large are the files?


Start switching off all calva.highlight settings. I doubt that is the culprit, but we have to start somewhere. Also try if disabling clj-kondo makes any difference. (Even more unlikely, but anyway.)


No difference. The only thing that helps is disabling calva


I use the VSCode from the Arch repo which has an issue that prevents me from debugging extension host


I'm on a time crunch to get something done now, but later I can try to use a different install to profile the extension and get a better handle on what the issue is


Then it is probably the TokenCursor. This can prove quite tricky to fix!


Is there something else special with the files? I am trying with clojure.core and things are not blazingly speedy, but not super slow either. Even if I copy paste the whole file again, making a 15k line file, things still tug along…


The file contains the definition to a couple macros which are then used as almost every top-level form in the file. Other than that it's just a normal file. The main thing is while typing, the text input lags behind my typing by 2 seconds (and that lag grows as I continue typing and not waiting for it)


That doesn’t happen to me. The formatting is slow, and I think I know how to fix that, but the there is no input lag. Is there a chance you can try Calva on thos files with a Mac or a Windows machine, to see if the problem is there regardless?