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Hello everyone! I'm working for a company called Codelesslabs / Bravo Studio ( We build a service that turns Designs (Figma right now) into Native Applications. We're building the frontend with ClojureScript (re-frame + reagent) and need some more help to get stuff done faster. We're based in Barcelona, Spain, and would prefer people from here or around here but we're open for remote work as well, for people from anywhere, no restrictions. Basically we're looking for people who either have experience with ClojureScript already, or who wants to learn and think they can pick it up quickly enough to be productive (so probably previous Clojure experience and some web/frontend stuff at least). You would be working directly with me (the frontend/ClojureScript developer at the company) and there are three other developers in the company. Please send a PM here on Slack or reach out to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> and we can chat more about it.

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cool landing page!


My partner, @lilymgoh, has upcoming availability in February. Sheโ€™s an awesome front-end engineer with extensive React and ClojureScript experience. She is currently a front-end team lead at a startup here in NYC, where she mentors and trains their engineers and has transformed their monolith Rails app into a React SPA and GraphQL API. You can find more information about us and see some of our conference talks at Please DM her here or email her at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you are looking for someone with her skillset.


Thanks a lot @U050NRE8B ๐Ÿ™‚ Will reach out

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