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The SUI wrappers are super simple wrappers, and I don’t really maintain them or debug them

Chris O’Donnell13:01:02

Fair enough! Thanks for all the work you do.


feel free to send a PR if you’re willing to test the change extensively…I can tell you that making that work is very low priority for me, as I never use the wrapped form controls from that lib, but instead just create DOM elements with the correct classes.

Chris O’Donnell00:01:35

That is totally fair; my comment above wasn't intended to be negative in the slightest. Apologies if it came across that way. I completely understand that you do a lot and need to prioritize. I've now identified the specific cause of the issue, which results in the inability to remove keys from the props of any fulcro dom wrapped input. I will think about potential solutions. Not sure what kind of testing you'd like to see for a fix, but I'm happy to cross that bridge when we get to it.


mostly I suspect they either work, or semantic-ui-react is having problems


I don’t use the sui wrappers for forms, since they are just adding simple classes to simple dom elements.


I am making my way through Fulcro book while writing my little app. I'm at the point of loading data from remote:


I have multiple components nested one on top of another, so doing things way shown here requires a lot of code duplication.


As I have A, which consists of list o B and each B consists of list of A.


So in A resolver, I will have to assoc each B from id into data, and for each of those B's I'd also have to expand A according to id inside of it.


Isn't this possible to, taking documentation as an example, use person-resolver to resolve each person in list-resolver?

Björn Ebbinghaus11:01:59

I am not sure if I understand your problem.. Is this a fulcro or a pathom question? Anyway. I think this is what you are looking for?

(defresolver list-resolver [_ _]
   {::pc/output [{:all-persons [:person/id]}
   {:all-persons [{:person/id 1} {:person/id 2} {:person/id 3}]})

(defresolver person-resolver [_ {id :person/id}]
  {::pc/input #{:person/id}
   ::pc/output [:person/name :person/age]}
  (person-by-id id)) ; #:person{:name "foo" :age 42}