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@manutter51 Maybe #ring can help? (on holiday still 2 weeks, no computers here)


No worries, enjoy your holiday 🙂


Actually, I just now figured it out. My original sandbox app just had routes for “/” and “/about”, and I noticed that none of the middleware was running for any URL that started with “/css” or “/js”. My guess was that the middleware is only invoked after matching on a URL pattern, so at the end of my routes list I added some “middleware hook routes,” like this:

["/js/*" (fn [_] nil)]
     ["/css/*" (fn [_] nil)]
     ["/img/*" (fn [_] nil)]
And now I’m getting my re-frame app up and running, woot!


Very pleased with how easy it is to debug a routing problem with the reitit tools, btw--great job!