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Synple is hiring again in Amsterdam! If you love Clojure and want to apply it to real world problems while pushing to make the logistics world a better place, we are the best company for you. If you believe that released beats perfect and that simple beats easy, you are the best candidate for us. You will be part of the core product development team, a group of 7~8 people who create the product piece by piece, have a say in all technical choices and build features from the ground up. You will participate in the Scrum process activities, from refining stories, to scoring them, to pair-program them until they're successfully tested and released. All of that while immersed in one of the most vibrant startup communities in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tech tags: clojure / kafka / aws / event sourcing For more information shoot a message in my direction 🙂 Thanks, Carlo


Hi everyone, I'm an engineer on the platform team at Ladders (, a job board/search company in NYC. We have several teams hiring Clojure devs. On the platform team, we: - have recently ditched most of our legacy code and are looking to build a ton of new things in 2018 - write 100% Clojure - build back-end services used by the front-end/web app teams - work on data pipelines and ETLs that process 10s of millions of records a week - use REST services and CQRS/event-sourced apps where appropriate - have a stack consisting of Kafka Streams, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, MariaDB, and Kubernetes If you're not familiar with Clojure but are still versed in functional programming we are more than happy to teach and mentor. Machine learning and natural language processing experience is also a huge plus, we're looking to expand our data science projects this year If you're interested in front-end/full stack work, we also have a web app team working in Clojurescript (re-frame) and Clojure Feel free to DM me or email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> This position is onsite in New York, NY and fulltime (sorry, no contractors) -Tamreen