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@stardiviner I see you already got an answer for this question. 🙂


Yes, problem found, I will start to fix this issue soon. Thanks for catch on my question.


@bozhidar missed a use of cider-cljs-repl-types when you renamed so current CIDER won't work for people ^


sorry, I opened an issue before reading that was already reported here.


@dpsutton Thanks for fixing my mess. I just noticed I actually forgot to update the that pcase completely, and because of this there would be no startup messages. I’ll fix that as well. I should have tested this again after renaming the constant. 🙂


it seems like cider-format-buffer uses cljfmt, but it does not respect the preferences set in profile.clj. Are there any settings of cider-format-buffer I’m not seeing?


It also loses point-position which is really annoying


Which version of CIDER are you using? @xiongtx fixed recently the issue with the lost buffer position.


point was persisted when I updated to 17-snapshot. It doesn’t work if you have the same file open in multiple buffers though. Probably fixed in a similar way that I posted earlier


> it seems like cider-format-buffer uses cljfmt, but it does not respect the preferences set in profile.clj. Are there any settings of cider-format-buffer I’m not seeing?


Those are settings for the lein plugin, so it’s hard for CIDER to process them. Might be nice to expose those via CIDER itself.


Is there a way to (on a individual basis) /ignore the github bot ? 🙂 I click on the "bold" cider channel, thinking there is an interesting discussion; but then find it impossible to read due to every other third msg being the github bot.


I just looked through the GitHub config on my slack workspace, it is all or nothing


you can’t say “I would only like commit messages and no other messages”


There could easily be a #cider-gh but that may be more fragmentation then some folks would like


i doubt bohzidar wants to annoy people. the hope was to expose issues and what PRs look like. if this goal isn't being achieved we can remove. i thought the traffic had died down from the initial onslaught and hopefully it was closer to achieving that goal.


Speaking for myself I like having the accepted merges but the comments gets tiresome


yeah i agree. I think he tried to turns those off. its unfortunate that it seems to not allow issues and PRs only


but certainly comments are welcome @qqq and if the general opinion seems to be for turning them off we will. I have an email for each one of these notifications anyways. was hoping for new eyes and contributors


We could forego the Slack integration and just use a custom thing using just saying


never heard of that


Oh dear lord it’s the coolest thing


it’s like IFTTT on HGH


that's a lot of acronyms haha


I had that thought last night, some things sound really unapproachable when you say them outloud


like I play a game called League of Legends


and someone used the phrase “low cooldown mini ghost” and I realized how ludicrous that sounds


my girlfriend plays counter strike and i hear a lot of strange phrases come out about being lit from nades


I’ve disabled the comments, now what’s shown are commits open/closed PRs and issues.


If people think that’s annoying I’ll just disable this completely.


@bozhidar: perhaps my slack client is misconfigured, but this is what it looked like with the github bot on:, where the purple/pink = slack human comments


that's what we all see. those are issues and PRs.


I’ll kill this integration now. No need to waste more time discussing it.


Perhaps this is more appropraite for #off-topic , but if slack allowed each user to have their own /ignore list, it'd also solve this problem. In particular, it's not people here discussing the github issues but the github bot itself that I want to ignore.

qqq17:03:21 <-- apparently they don't want to implement it since slack is for 'team communications'


I don’t get why we don’t just stuff it into a #cider-notifications or #cider-gh channel


Like for my personal slack workspace I have a channel called #commits


1. I would not subscribe to #cider-notifications / #cider-gh -- I don't think many others would busbscribe to it. 2. I think the original goal was to have people in slack discuss github pull requests / comments / ...


Oh I wouldn’t sub I would check in on it


Like I don’t get notifications for any channels, only DM’s


But thinking on it I shouldn’t assume everyone sets it up the same way as myself


Hmm, from that perspective, the github bot (even though I dislike it) would make a lot of sense. 1. people put alot more effort into a github pull request than a #cider queston 2. so if we are willing to discuss random #ceer questions in #cider, they why not also discuss pull-requests (where the author has actually put in the effort to write elisp code) from this perspective, the github notifcations (atleast for pr-requests, not sure abou comments), make complete sense; it's just not clear how to do it without being disruptive


yeah, #cider, not sure how I managed to type ceer


here is another weird thought experiment: case A: for every pull request, the author of the PR manually came here and posted a msg saying "here is my pull request, it does XYZ, would love feedback" case B: the exact msg is posted by github bot for whatever reason, case A = would be great, case B = annoying


I guess I’m used to it but IMO seeing only new PR’s and new issues is my ideal situation


but I guess that’s because I don’t allow any channel to give me “unread” markers


It is my understand that it is preferable to have the PR discussion on GitHub


So maybe a bot that literally messages in the following format


CiderBot: title of PR by Author join the discussion! link to PR


because if you look at the way the bot formats it there is so much boilerplate


@gganley: I think you are on to something with the boilerplate someone runs into an issue: posts it here on #cider : we are all happy to help someone runs into an issue; posts the exact same issue to github; and the github bot posts it here: we all get out pitchforks so for whatever reason, possibly due to formatting, github bot posts = makes people annoyed


Bots are friends, not monsters


I for one…


Like I mentioned it earlier but anything from IFTTT to zapier could do this and we would have a lot more fine control over it


hell zapier allows you the vomit Node.js onto it


how do I connect to clojure 1.8 socket repl from cider?


seems cider can only connect to nrepl


Socket repl support is not straightforward to get with the current nRepl + bencode middleware. I guess once orchard is stable and prepl is will be supported