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Petrus Theron09:03:16

How do I find an unmatched delimiter in Clojure source files? I'm trying to run a REPL with boot repl, but boot won't let me because of an unmatched ']' delimiter somewhere in my project, probably caused by parinfer. The error I get does not mention in which file the delimiter is:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unmatched delimiter: ]
clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Unmatched delimiter: ]
    line: 180


Try boot -b | cat -n to get a line-numbered version of the actual Boot script that is run. And look for line 180.

Garrett Hopper19:03:07

Is there a way to get boot to run tasks from a specific directory? I'm trying to get boot-cljs to build my clojurescript source from a sub-directory, so :npm-deps/:install-deps will npm install node_modules into that directory. (Instead of all sub-projects sharing a project-wide node_modules) Perhaps I can do this through pods?

Garrett Hopper19:03:25

I've tried settings user.dir system property, but that doesn't seem to work correctly.