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I think devs sometimes underestimate how ad-hoc and disorganized the hiring process can be. Getting a real job posting up and posted to different places on the web takes actual effort, and especially at small companies nobody really wants to do it. If you have a good network, someone might just want to talk to you about filling a position and avoid the effort of posting/sifting through resumes/doing interviews/etc.


(we have a workflow in JIRA that both the HR folks and the IT folks use to work together on getting candidates through the process and keeping them informed -- it's not perfect but at least it provides tracking and status on each "issue", i.e., candidate)


@drewverlee I work for Software AG in germany and we have a very thourough hiring process with detailed steps and several departments involved. One could say its very bureaucratic, which I would agree with, but the upside is, we dont have positions listed just for fun, but only the ones where we actually need people. These are the current open ones: So if you by any chance you happen to live in Germany and want to move to Leipzig you could contact me. But I guess you live in the USA and things are very different there anyway.

Drew Verlee13:03:50

quick reply. I dont live in germany or you would probably have heard from me already 🙂. I know its impossible to compare my serach to someone elses. The lack of meaningful feedback in the process is what makes it so hard. If i understood why my expectations weren’t being meet then i could adapt. Instead i’m worried i’m behaving erratically.


I agree, feedback is important. And I am not sure if there is another good advice except the already given one, namely to create a network. That will at least be a way to get feedback sooner or later.


Other than that I am not sure if it makes any sense to compare your application results to somebody else that you dont even know and therefor dont know if you are comparable at all. Its your life and you take as much time as you need. And even if its tough or frustrating, you are currently experiencing a very valuable learning process 🙂


I myself have long been skeptical of the value of headhunters, mostly based on annoying interactions with overly persistent cold callers, but it’s possible that one might help cast a wider net, or be able to get critical feedback to you that you might not hear otherwise.


recruiters can definitely widen your net and your resume will be less likely to go into a black hole, but unless you're fairly junior I'd be skeptical of their advice


although my experience with them is fairly limited


@drewverlee If you want to we could play through the hiring process like we do it in our team. Disclaimer, I have only taken part in them as a technical advisor and thats all I can judge. You could apply to this: or this: position formally and we would do an hour interview online and afterwards I could give you feedback from my point of view. Maybe someone else wants to jump in an take part in that? You can think about that. I'll be out of internet for the next two weeks, taking my holidays, but from 19th I am sure we could find some time together. If you want to, just message me in two weeks.