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requires fireplace and vim-fzf list all and search through all loaded ns. TODO: need to hack fireplace to open the selected ns in a buffer. (replace the echo)

function! SearchAllLoadedNS()
 let baz = fireplace#session_eval('(map str (all-ns))')
 let foo = substitute(baz, '[\"()]', '','g') 
 call fzf#run({'source': split(foo),  'sink': 'echo', 'down': '30%'})


That reminded me about this I wanted to look at a custom fzf binding to show either doc our source, but never got round to it.


I could not find a way to set the <cword> from viml - if i could that it would be easy to call vim-fireplace (goto source in a buffer), without having to fork it (not a big problem since I'm already running on a patch version)