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I usually use (.. % -target -value) - don't know if there's any meaningful difference


user=> (macroexpand '(.. % -target -value))
(. (. % -target) -value)
user=> (macroexpand '(-> % .-target .-value))
(. (.-target %) -value)
That is the difference when all is said and done!


I have a project which has React in node_modules. I also have my reagent project at the same level. TMK this means that reagent will look into node_modules and use its version of react. Is there a way to tell reagent to only use the cljsjs deps (the version of react deps it comes with) and ignore the node_modules version? I should clarify that I am using figwheel.main and webpack to create externs so :npm-deps is set to false


Any good resources that anyone can point me to that breaks down improving performance in reagent?


trying to run an uberjar and getting this error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: clojure/lang/Var


i have org.clojure/clojure in dependencies and am running -SNAPSHOT.jar file so i don’t think i need any additional classpaths


asking here because i just made a reagent app from lein template yesterday


oops, /me being dumb, the versioned file is the one that doesn’t bundle everything /facepalm


I have an :input with :type "email". If there is some text in the input and I manually move the cursor to somewhere that is not at the end of the input and type a letter, the cursor will jump to the end of the input. If I change the :input to :type "text", the problem does not occur. Has anyone encountered this and come up with a fix/workaround?


@kenny Short answer is ... I suspect this is a reagent limitation Longer answer is ... Notice that email is not in this list And that's because in the standard email inputs don't support selectionStart and selectionEnd See (is this still current??) For all the details, and plenty of discussion about email and number ...


@mikethompson Yikes. It almost seems like real solution would be to have native support for React's async rendering.


I'm not sure I follow how that helps. But, sorry, I have to go out now (Saturday morning here).