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Hi @anmonteiro, in unlikely case you might have a clue about the nixos compilation problem I'm having with 1.9. Does this error message make any sense to you as what could be going on?

Finished bundling. Nexe binary can be found in build/lumo
### Compiling Macro Namespaces
(node:30576) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    at Ze (/build/lumo-1.9.0/LUMO__INTERNAL__CLASSPATH/bundle.min.js:1:25695)
    at Object.get inferred (/build/lumo-1.9.0/LUMO__INTERNAL__CLASSPATH/bundle.min.js:161:76210)
    at Object.get paths [as paths] (/build/lumo-1.9.0/LUMO__INTERNAL__CLASSPATH/bundle.min.js:161:76281)
    at  [as loadUpstreamJsLibs] (/build/lumo-1.9.0/LUMO__INTERNAL__CLASSPATH/bundle.min.js:1:26827)
    at <embedded>:6552:419
    at <embedded>:6552:445
    at Object.lumo.js_deps.index_js_libs (<embedded>:6552:449)
    at Object.lumo.repl.init (<embedded>:6795:291)
    at Tt (/build/lumo-1.9.0/LUMO__INTERNAL__CLASSPATH/bundle.min.js:1:35499)
    at Ft (/build/lumo-1.9.0/LUMO__INTERNAL__CLASSPATH/bundle.min.js:1:36082)


ok thanks for fast reply 馃檪


yeh... I'm thinking if lumo is trying to fetch some dependencies, they all need to be offilne during the build (there's to say prefetched before compileing)


but nah, I've figured worse errors out so far, so I'll figure this one out


nice work on bringing nexe to upstream, didn't look like much of a work on lumo's side, guess there was work to do on nexe's side.


it needed some more patching


it sped up builds too


yup, that's very nice, to cache the result, it sometimes did that, but it was unpredictable. In nixos, a derivation is like a docker container, so in that case I don't enjoy these benefits during development, then again, a nix build itself is cached.


well I do enjoy it outside of derivations.. (going off topic...)