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released Incubator 0.0.14. This removes the ghostwheel dependency, but adds the useful spec notation from ghostwheel to spec-helpers in incubator itself.

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If I pull in Incubator and copy the login example, I get a dependency error. The required namespace "clojure.test.check" is not available, it was required by "cljs/spec/test/alpha.cljs". Just add latest test.check?


Nvm, fixed with deps bump across the board — fulcro lein template is a bit behind.


@U0CKQ19AQ wow, so do you plan on creating a library like ghostwheel ?


Still trying to find time to get fluent with clojure.spec, keeping an eye ghostwheel, love a lot of the concepts there but seems like I'm getting a bit more than I would want like


I droped ghostwheel, and just pulled in the syntax DSL (which is all I really wanted) into incubator


for now, that’s all I plan to do


question/suggestion. does it make sense to just move to pathom as the 'default' query/mutation handling for fulcro? And perhaps treat defquery* like the older form handling (not necessarily deprecated, but not preferred ). given the fact that the docs already make it clear that that's the preferred approach for anything non-trivial and that @wilkerlucio’s latest changes make connect setup even easier, seems like it might make sense for new users/apps to not even have to bother


we have talked about it, if @U0CKQ19AQ agree I can do the change, I would like to release pathom 2.2.0 final before that, the last bit its missing is how to handle code updates to refresh the index with the new format, currently its not so good because you have to reconstruct the parser, so I'm experimenting with ways to make that simpler for the users


ah gotcha, but yeah, just a little extra glue like that would probably make for a nice smooth experience. is the parser construction particularly expensive?


its not, its just annoying because if you are using the workspaces card to try queries out you have to keep refreshing the card when you do updates


yeah, we’re at least planning to add an option to the lein template generator…then book updates…it’s trivial to code, just all the other crap takes time 🙂

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yeah I figured a template option would be a nice first step 🙂


but that’s a lot of work…you have to be careful to test the combination of options…figwheel support should be removed, but that requires rewriting the getting started chapter.


any way we go about it, it is a lot of work


so, feel free to chip in 🙂


no problem, 🙂 at all 🙂