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nice tool…but I’m getting a ton of this on the console when I run tests:

{:kaocha/testable {:kaocha.var/test #object[fulcro.incubator.mutation_interface_test$fn__22519 0xe006447 "[email protected]"], :kaocha.plugin.randomize/sort-key -177746591, :kaocha.var/wrap [#object[kaocha.plugin.capture_output$eval2379$fn__2380$fn__2393$fn__2395 0x1a763008 "k[email protected]1a763008"]], :kaocha.testable/meta {:test #object[fulcro.incubator.mutation_interface_test$fn__22519 0xe006447 "[email protected]"], :line 21, :column 1, :file "fulcro/incubator/mutation_interface_test.clj", :name declaring-mutations, :ns #object[clojure.lang.Namespace 0x2dd60c70 "fulcro.incubator.mutation-interface-test"]}, :kaocha.testable/type :kaocha.type/var, :kaocha.var/name fulcro.incubator.mutation-interface-test/declaring-mutations, :kaocha.plugin.capture-output/buffer #object[ 0x5ba0e0b4 ""], :kaocha.var/var #'fulcro.incubator.mutation-interface-test/declaring-mutations, :kaocha.testable/desc "declaring-mutations", :kaocha.testable/id :fulcro.incubator.mutation-interface-test/declaring-mutations}, :kaocha/test-plan {:kaocha.plugin.randomize/seed 1453588471, :kaocha.plugin.randomize/randomize? true, :kaocha/reporter #object[kaocha.api$resolve_reporter$fn__2962 0x7208872a "[email protected]


any idea how I can get that to not happen???


I’ve tried alternate reporters and such..but no matter what I do I get a ton of crap output


Hi @tony.kay, could you put the full output in a gist somewhere? It's probably an event type that's not understood by kaocha, which gets forwarded to clojure.test, which just prints out the full event map


ah, yes, the testing library I’m using emit extra events…I installed the reported for it, and the reporter works fine (and gets the extra events), but they still go to stdout…is kaocha proxying the events somehow?


Which library is this? Would be interesting to see what they do. Kaocha forwards any events it doesn't understand to clojure.test/report, assuming that that multimethod was extended to handle them. If not then it falls back to printing out the event map. You can stop kaocha from doing this using (kaocha.hierarchy/derive! :your-key :kaocha/known-key)