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@nathanmarz we can check by the output that its using the clj version, so its a fact that the JS out is using the CLJ version, macros sometimes are confusing on CLJS side, IME what works best is separate clj and cljs macros in different namespaces (both been .clj) and conditionally import then, this usually works with the least surprises

Logan Powell18:11:03

👋 Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how to :require individual navigators? (e.g., MAP-KEYS)

Logan Powell18:11:14

in clojurescript

Logan Powell18:11:18

It seems to work using

(:require [com.rpl.specter   :refer [MAP-VALS MAP-KEYS]  :refer-macros [select transform traverse setval]])
but Intellij no likey, no big deal as long as I'm not "doing it wrong" ™️


Are you doing this in Clojure or ClojureScript? If the former the :refer-macros does not make sense. If the latter (cljs), then this looks correct. In Clojure you can just refer the macros in the :refer vector.


Not sure how intellij (Cursive??) works with CLJS...


I don't use Cursive, but in emacs I do that sort of thing all the time with no problems


Yes, in cljs


So, it probably is some limitation / issue with Cursive and CLJS

Logan Powell18:11:40

yep, no worries, as long as I'm not doing it incorrectly 😉