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Hi. I was wondering if there is any way to use re-frame with custom view rendering code, i.e., without Reagent/React. I know there is a Reagent dependency, so if I’m going to use re-frame, my project will depend on it as well, but I am willing to pay that price.


I'm sure I've seen some before, but the only one I can find right now is Looks like that may give you some ideas at least.


Thanks. I’ll have a look at the changes to the re-frame codebase.


I also found this interesting article where someone writes a simple console app with re-frame on the JVM: It involves some monkey-patching of re-frame, though.


Thats's pretty cool! I've heard really good things about as well, if you're looking for more JVM options.


Not sure you can compare cljfx with re-frame, their models are vastly different


Sort of funny - I was searching for clojurescript re-frame rum to see if I could find anything useful, and there's a youtube video with the title "React, Re-frame and Rum". Sounds perfect, no idea how I missed that conference talk when it came out! Turns out it's my talk from the Conj a few years ago that someone copied and re-uploaded with a new title.

😂 20