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Nicholas Taylor22:01:21

I’m playing around with boot and having a heck of a time getting my REPL to refresh without it clearing my boot environment

Nicholas Taylor22:01:54

when I refresh a file (from Cursive)…

Loading boot/pod/src/boot/from/io/aviso/ansi.clj... done
Loading src/boot/cli.clj... done
Loading src/boot/core.clj... done
Loading src/boot/task_helpers.clj... done
=> nil

Nicholas Taylor23:01:30

The env loads fine when the REPL starts, but reloading a file in Cursive gives the exception:

boot.user=> Uncaught exception in thread Thread-10:
           boot.core/watch-dirs/fn          core.clj: 752
boot.core/set-user-dirs!/on-change          core.clj: 194
         boot.core/sync-user-dirs!          core.clj: 139
                  boot.core/patch!          core.clj: 698
                  boot.core/patch!          core.clj: 720
              boot.filesystem/fn/G    filesystem.clj:  43
   clojure.core/-cache-protocol-fn  core_deftype.clj: 568
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No implementation of method: :->path of protocol: #'boot.filesystem/IToPath found for class: nil