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Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:01:41

FYI, clj does support this config


any guidance on this appreciated


@ghaskins I maybe could help if I understood what is special about gitlabs maven repo


@mikerod my understanding is that it basically needs a personal-token added to the HTTP headers


their examples of course cite raw maven <configuration> but I couldnt see a way to pass that to leiningen


my assumption is it would need to be supported in the project/profiles.clj but maybe there is a way to pass maven settings.xml too?


not sure why I didnt find that in my search, but thank you!


Wagons are the way to get ahold of the HTTP layer of the abstraction it seems. Hopefully the wagon above is already enough for your needs. Apparently it was not a very complex wagon to make


yeah, i was trying to patch pomegranate myself, it was a bit hairy


thank you very much, will give this a shot


No problem. Hope it works smoothly!


I have an alias in /.lein and I want to override that on a specific project. I see that the one in /.lein gets used, not the one in my project.clj. Is there a way to override?

paul a13:01:07

i've been playing lein uberjar; i was expecting that if i could cache and restore compiled code, then lein would be able to potentially reuse some of that compiled code in the next uberjar build (sort of like how make knows when things should be recompiled). instead, lein happily reused all of the old compiled code, even invalid code, and merely compiled namespaces that had not been compiled before. why does lein uberjar behave this way?

paul a14:01:36

fwiw, i do get that this is not necessarily an issue with lein uberjar, which works around this with the auto-clean feature.


I guess you want something like tools.namespace.repl/refresh but for AOT :) i.e. something that looks at the modification dates of files, figures out a dependency subtree out of a modified file, etc I don't think that's a particularly explored area

paul a14:01:56

yeah, that's right. thanks for the reply!