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I know this isn’t clojure, but I’ve been working on a JavaScript Datomic client, and have at least some of the basics working against peer-server and cloud. It’s now at the state where I think it’s okay to point it out publicly:

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this is great. I’ve got js lambdas calling datomic lambdas (eventually http direct) to work around the fact that there’s no js client. love your work

Adam Helins17:01:01

Kafka.clj, a fairly clean and fairly well-documented client library for Kafka, is now considered battle tested with version 1.3.1. Enjoy !

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Nice, also support for steams and the admin client.

Adam Helins17:01:50

Indeed, as well as creating mock apps so you don't have to actually run Kafka for testing or fiddling at the repl :)

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I have been enjoying kafka.clj, thank you

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Hello Everyone! A New release (0.8.3) of titanoboa is now available.

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