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Cut the first release of over the weekend. It’s a library that contains a more sophisticated general-purpose “matcher” for working with prismatic schemas. Useful when you want to coerce json data into richer edn data (strings->keywords, vectors->sets, iso-strings->datetime objects, etc).

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👍 there is a list of 3rd party schema-libs in the schema repo, please PR that in do people will find this.


Will do, thanks


We've open-sourced proxy-plus, a library providing a replacement for Clojure's "proxy" that's 10x faster and more usable

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What's the trade off? Or is it all better and could be put into core?


There's no trade off, it's just better.


Well, it has a dependency on but since the impressive list of uses that should not be an issue. Maybee there are other pieces of clojure where asm could speed things up?


Any reason version 4.2 is used and not a more recent version?


No reason, we just haven't updated the version we use internally in a long time.


That's a very old version of asm- I mean 6 years ago.


Couldn't it use the included ASM with Clojure and lose the dependency?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:01:03

Haven't filled out the State of Clojure 2020 Survey yet? Now's a good time:


I just released Fulcro 3.1.4 and Fulcro Inspect 2.2.1 Electron. This new version of inspect allows you to select the port on which the tool listens, and properly manages multiple client inspect sessions at once (i.e. two React native apps and multiple web apps can all be inspected at the same time). The new binaries of the electron app are here: You must use Fulcro 3.1.4 and above with this version.

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