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Josue Diaz14:01:22

Hi everyone. At Torre, we’re hiring "recovering" technical entrepreneurs to help us build the new professional network that reinvents how jobs and talent are matched. Who do you know might be a good fit?;utm_source=groups&amp;utm_medium=slack


It doesn't appear you're using Clojure at Torre: We use multiple frameworks to improve our chances of success: the scientific method, user-driven design, Kanban, Material Design, Vue, Scala, Kotlin, OAuth, KPIs, AARRR, etc. You can learn them on the go.


They've said in the past that the roles included Clojure but it seems to me Torre is just self-promoting its jobs network at this point. Message deleted, account deactivated.

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hi all - my company Multis (YC S19) is looking for fullstack ClojureScript engineers we're building bank accounts for companies holding cryptocurrencies remote from Europe encouraged (i'm a nomad CTO) the stack is simple: ClojureScript, Firebase, Ethereum more info 👉

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I've applied, got rejected, the reason was: "we’re focusing on hiring people in the CET timezone with some skills in French". Does it still hold?


short term yes but we have your contact for later this year


@U5UCAE37Z should post it in #clojure-france too


Request: when posting job offers please state what the company does, i.e what problem it solves, not just the technologies involved. Some of us do care about that too.

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Given the job post link has*crypto* in it... 🙂 (and clicking through shows it's "Crypto-first business banking")... but your point is good: the more info in the post, the less time it wastes for folks reading!


@U04V70XH6 oh I did follow the link, and all I could make out of it is that it's «about bitcoin» - hardly a problem statement!


Tells me all I need to know about them...


Yeah right now my prior on the company mission is that it combats underheating in datacenters ^^ (sorry, couldn't resist)

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my bad the description is on the main page - one click away from the job page but good point, i forgot the line in the Slack post "crypto-first business banking"

Vincent Cantin14:01:34

Which software stack are you using?

val_waeselynck22:01:13;cid=C05006WDW Just to clarify, the target of the above caricature was the majority of the crypto industry, not @U5UCAE37Z's project in particular 🙂