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Hey @ikitommi just a heads up that exists for when / if you go to break malli into sperate libraries. It's still early days, but it's made to ease the burden of managing mono-repo-like libraries. Documentation is sparse at the moment, but I don't anticipate that you'll be slicing malli up too soon either


Oh, that looks great! How do you setup the artifact version when pushing to clojars?


Two options (again, sorry on the sparse docs)


either, you invoke it with an explicit :version via the repl / CLI (cli coming soon)


or, it automatically looks at your git status and uses the tag


ie. if git is tagged at 1.3.0 and not dirty, it's 1.3.0, if it's dirty then it's 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT


Might also make it so that if you're ahead of a tag (but not dirty) it does 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT too


Why not just use Leiningen?


I ask myself that at least once a week 😉


I'm hoping to get pablo to ultimately compile as a native image


Also, I think the biggest thing that tools-deps gets right is that it forces your project into a edn map - lein allows real programming to happen inside the project.clj file which can allow it to become quite the mess


But, I don't disagree that this is shoe-horning some lein-like functionality into tools deps


Yeah… my ideal setup right now would be actually to have Leiningen for the project management (because it already works) and tools.deps for dependency management. Too bad that lein-tools-deps doesn’t quite make it work.


The thing that kills me with tools-deps is that they didn't make a project.clj parser for when cloning via git... So if you attempt to depend on a git repo and they use lein and don't publish the xml file in the repo, you're SOL


It feels very unpragmatic


Well, you can’t correctly parse project.clj without running it. Although of course you could make it work in most cases.


Yeah, 1) you could naively parse it and cover 99%, and 2) sci now exists - so you could eval it at make it work in 99.9999% of cases


I think tools.deps is designed in such a way that you can add new dep types. But it’s not nice if it’s not there out of the box


Yeah I think you're right - I think the coordinates can all be expanded on via multi-method. But then I'm not quite sure how you get it to load those multimethods before trying to resolve the local deps.edn file