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I haven’t found documentation for make-reaction optional parameters auto-run on-set and on-dispose, could you elaborate on them or tell me where I could find so? Thanks in advance! (edit: well, as it comes from ns reagent.ratom I better ask this in #reagent here


hey guys, quick question: what's our current status of embedding re-frame components in other re-frame apps? are we gonna have fully ns qualified keys in the app-db, events and subs? is there a mechanism for us to do it now?


@akiroz there's nothing stopping you using ns-qualified keys now


@mccraigmccraig is there a way for me to embed one re-frame project in another though, or will it just work if I have ns-qualified keys in both projects and include one in the other?


(I haven't tried it myself)


@akiroz it's probably not going to work without some integration effort, because subscriptions and handlers usually have assumptions about app-db structure


Oh alright, so as long as each project uses only their name-spaced part of the app-db, it should be good yeah?

qqq20:01:30 <-- where on this page is the place to add in lein dependencies for reframe ?


@qqq: Look right above at the clojars [re-frame "0.9.1"] icon


yeah, what got me was that I was trying to use 0.9.2-something-alpha


which apaprently did not hit clojars yet, but otherwise the line was correct


[and this threw me off, thinking I got the entire line wrong, when the problem was to just downgrade to 0.9.0]