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[Transcript bug: Episode 10: Reagnt part 2] state used instead of board @plexus Search for state and it's the first match inside a code block. The defn for board has an argument called board but the r/cursor has an argument called state. Changing the argument to board fixed the issue.


Apart from this tiny slip, a really great tutorial series on reagent that worked well. I managed to go through the first two episodes with no prior experience of reagent or re-frame. Thank you.


this bit, right?


(defn Board [board]
   (for [i (range (count (:columns @board)))]
     [Column (r/cursor board [:columns i])])


Fixed it, thanks @jr0cket. Very happy to hear you liked the videos!


Yes, thats the one.


Personally I find the transcripts easier to follow. I’ve always preferred blog posts to videos, so I have time to think and experiment. I did like the bits of videos I have watched though, I just usually go straight to the transcript.


I've heard that from other people as well, although so also really prefer the videos. That's why they're both there.


Personally I tell people to first watch the video in a single pass to get an overview, then go through the material step by step yourself, either by pausing the video or just using the transcript.


although that also depends on the type of episode