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@plexus, @bhauman, Found out what the issue was. Google chrome was caching the previous build, which prevented the websocket from connecting. Everything looks to be fine now.


Hello! I have two reagent apps, which share the same project.clj at the moment. But now I want to use material ui in one of them, which brings it's own react. So I need to exclude it for one app from the dependencies (`[reagent "0.6.0" :exclusions [org.clojure/tools.reader cljsjs/react]]`), which breaks the other app. Can I somehow use the same lein cljsbuild process to build both (maybe with lein profiles?) or should I separate them completely and run the build process twice?


why not use the same deps in both apps?


That is what we did before, but switching both to material is not an option. And as I said, the material dependency brings it's own react, so I need to exclude it (see


which in turn breaks the other app 😒


@igel the README is bit misleading, in the newest cljs-react-material-ui you only need to exclude react and react-dom, the example is outdated for reagent.


Thanks for pointing that out. 👍 But still I don't know how can I exclude it from one build, but not the other


I don't understand, why not exclude it and explicitly specify it in both cases?


So, you suggest to explicitly require the react bundled with material ui in the non-material app? Or what do you mean by explicitly specify it in both cases?


In the readme, they suggest to remove the entire react dependency from reagent, so it won't be available, will it?


reagent just picks what's in window.React


to explicitly specify deps, just lad the cljsjs.react you want and exclude it everywhere it's implicitly required (e.g. material-ui, reagent)


check with lein deps :tree to see if you caught 'em all


Sound good. I will try to do that


Anyone have experience wrapping Bootstrap for use in ClojureScript? Or any (ideally successful) encounters of interop between Bootstrap in JS and ClojureScript code?


Sorry I meant Backbone


not Bootstrap


I’m looking at using commercial components built in/on BackboneJS and would like to use them in ClojureScript vs ES5 or ES6.


@bobcalco it’s possible, but it’s not really a popular option since BackboneJS isn’t particularly FP friendly


still you can probably make it work alright, but I’m not aware anything new-ish that does that. Some people were doing some Backbone stuff 3 years ago if I recall.


yep shooting for a release Friday, there’ll be a new guide on the ClojureScript website that walks everyone through it


What’s the best approach to reading CLJ macros in CLJS? I keep running into issues that seem to be just plain syntactical


@dnolen Yeah I’ve seen that - thanks. Looking forward to CLJS automatically generating externs. 🙂


seems to me the sweet spot for ClojureScript with Backbone would be in the Model abstraction, and possibly the wiring (controller). But yeah — Backbone is MVC is noun-centric is not FP friendly, that’s the issue.


Using figwheel on a clojurescript project. I was expecting cors headers so I could point to a specific server, but I’m not seeing them. Do I need to configure that?


otherwise you are always free to serve the files using your own dev server and configure it however you like


darwin: yes, I agree. and I am using 0.5.8 which has that.