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@bhagany blog example is enough for sure. Expose example I never fully finished, you can skip it


Ok sounds good, thanks


I want to run my perun site on I am just starting but I read someplace that Boot was available on Netlify Netlify has a CLI and I could just generate the site locally and push the target to Netlify but I figure there must be a better way using the Netlify boot to automatically build my site after a push to Github. Also it seems that a combination local and remote solution would be better β€” I just wanted to see if anyone had done this before I started


@tbrooke I remember someone who uses boot and netlify, not sure about perun. His handle was @common_creative but he changed it and I don’t remember the new one


@martinklepsch I think I saw it on Slack some time ago - just an announcement that boot was now available on Netlify and perun seemed like an obvious fit - probably not to hard to roll my own but why do it when someone else has


has anyone blogged about or otherwise documented getting going on AWS w/ route53 and s3?


@alandipert if you want it all in a sweet package πŸ˜‰


(a boot-clj-wrapped package to be noted)


in case you didn't know: you are the best


let me know if you run into any trouble πŸ‘


i hit some weird amazon bug related to the age of my account, couldn't create ssl cert


anyway i sent a support ticket. itching to launch confetti tho