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Has anyone had luck getting cider to work with I’m using the practicalli alias in the jack-in command and the jack-in fails.


@cdimara I pushed a fix for the hot load alias the other weekend. I mistakenly updated the SHA number to the main branch, rather than the add-libs branch. Sorry for the confusion.


No worries! Hmm. I think I already updated but I’ll check again.


looks like they changed the function to accept an entire target to version map that can do multiple libs and changed the name to reflect that


I have a little example project I will share soon in the Practicalli GitHub repository

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:02:44

(had to give up on the ad lib pun though :( )

😞 3

I also think I found and issue with the practicalli banner. Not sure if emacs can render svgs. I was getting the ascii logo in gui Emacs. I switched to practicalli-logo.png and your banner came right up.


Sounds like SVG is not supported in the Emacs build you are using. From the Spacemacs comment for the banner image:

A string value must be a path to an image format supported
;; by your Emacs build.


png did the trick


Should I be filing github issues?


Try a different build of Emacs, or use only supported image types for the curry build being used, i.e. png