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Oliver George03:02:23

I'm struggling with a CI build. I have a public git repo dependency which seems to get converted from https -> ssh and ends up with an auth fail error.

Error building classpath. : Auth fail
org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.TransportException: : Auth fail

Oliver George03:02:55

Hoping for "Oh yeah, jgit might use ssh: for a https: repo if you have XXX set".

Oliver George03:02:52

(this is a new repo but copies from an existing working one... we've upset something and I can't think how)


Check your local git config -- I bet it is swapping https for git? This is on CirceCI right @olivergeorge?


For some reason, they started using a default git config that rewrites the URLs -- the solution is to remove the config as part of your setup:

Kira McLean21:02:37

ah this is brilliant! I worked around the issue by re-writing the ssh key to be one that jgit could handle.. wonder if this would be a simpler fix!


Lots of Clojure devs have been complaining about to the #circleci folks 😐

Oliver George05:02:26

Yep, on circleci

Oliver George05:02:32

Thanks I'll check that out