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Hello everyone, within the next 3-6 months I'll be looking to fill some fully remote part-time roles with potential to turn into long-term relationships. Maybe you've spent a lot of time learning Clojure and studying the philosophies we all enjoy so much and are looking for your first opportunity to put it all to work. Maybe you're an experienced Clojure developer looking for more work or something new. These roles would report directly to myself and would be laid back 1099 gigs. Ideally you're in a timezone that meshes with the US. Specifically you'd be working for an early stage startup. Feel free to send me a direct message if you'd like to learn more.

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Hi Cameron, if you're still looking for some devs, I'd be open to talking


:flag-za: (South Africa) | Remote Hi Clojurians. We are Gmaven ( Looking for a junior - intermediate Clojure developer. We'll be doing mostly data ETL and Warehousing (Google Sheets, Postgres, MSSQL, Excel). We are also busy migrating some of our data cleaning code assets sitting in MSSQL CLR (C#) to Clojure. Please DM for more info if this is potentially something you might be interested in.