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val_waeselynck13:02:21 Follow-up on ClojureVerse, Reddit, or in #community-development (I suppose that's the right channel for this, and that it's OK to publish this here, as it's arguably a kind of project)

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Hi everyone, I've just released martian 0.1.15 Martian is an HTTP abstraction library for Clojure/script providing url construction, request/response coercion and validation and more via an extensible interceptor pattern based on Swagger/OpenAPI schemas or routes described as data This release adds support for: • Development mode - a martian instance can now be a function or a var that resolves the martian instance, giving a better REPL workflow • Inline object definitions and required field arrays on objects (thanks for reporting) • An optional response validator which validates responses against the response schema This release improves: • Initialisation of instances to avoid race conditions • Documentation of martian.cljs-http initialisation

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Awesome project! Can I read a openapi.yaml as well? Or should I myself transform from yaml to json?


hi @U4GEXTNGZ thanks! no, it can't read yaml, so you either need to transform to json (hopefully 3rd party libs out there which will do it for you) or else directly into martian's internal clojure representation, but then you will probably duplicate quite a lot of the work that martian does for interpreting swagger.json


this only happens at bootstrap time so performance shouldn't really be an issue


Thanks @U076R6N1L

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