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recently some shortcuts stopped working and I’m wondering if anybody is experiencing the same problem the failing shortcuts are ctrl+alt+right, ctrl+alt+left, and ctrl+alt+up I noticed this around the time I upgrade my macOS to big sur, so this might be related


when I open vscode’s keyboard shortcuts and try to use its “record key” option it does not recognize the shortcuts I mentioned. It recognizes them as only “ctrl+alt” ctrl+alt+up works as expected and it’s fully recognized with the record key option


So, recently we changed some shortcuts. (The post above yours is about this.) But somehow this sounds like it is another issue. …


Which version of Big Sur are you on?


11.2 (20D64)


it doesn’t look like it’s a calva problem, but I don’t know how to debug this further


I noticed that these three shortcuts are also used by the OS. But the problem persists even after I disable them (in the OS)


Where in the OS are they used? (We changed from ctrl+left/right because they were bound by Mission Control.)


I just restored the default keyboard shortcuts to make sure they weren’t something I overrode ctrl+alt+right and left are used by mission control to “move right/left a space”


can’t find ctrl+alt+up anymore, it was probably overriden by the restore default


wait something is wrong. I just restored the defaults again and the mission control shortcuts I just mentioned became ctrl+right and ctrl+left


and now vscode is working I believe I I was using ctrl+alt+left for mission control because it conflicted with calva. And when calva changed the OS wouldn’t free these shortcuts even when I disabled (but didn’t change the OS shortcut) them


Ah. that figures. Happy it is working!


thanks for the help 🙂

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Tomas Brejla09:02:41

@U0ETXRFEW What is the name of the command for surrounding the expression with (comment) ? The shortcut used to be ctrl+shift+a, but it's no longer working for me. It used to work in the past, but I remember that sometimes it worked fine for me, sometimes not. Currently Toggle Block Comment seems to be assigned to that key combination.. is that the right one? Should it be working and result in expression getting surrounded by comment ?


I don’t think we have that command?


I slurp the form, then type “comment”.

Tomas Brejla09:02:40

Interesting.. I could swear that the command used to be there 😄. Maybe some side-effect that you somehow respected the generic "Toggle Block Comment" under some circumstances?

Tomas Brejla09:02:09

(does it make sense to have such command? IMO it does! 🤞 🙂 )


Yes, I think it makes sense. Please file an issue about it.

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