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Hugh Powell03:02:33

I build and run the thing as a jar, it works. I run the thing in Clojure CLI repl, it works. I run the thing in the Cursive REPL, it fails thinking-face


Try connecting to it as a socket repl instead of nrepl


Pretty sure there's a flag on clj to open a socket repl fairly easily


(I'm assuming nrepl is the problem)

Hugh Powell05:02:25

I have a library (A), inherited from a 3rd party that depends on another library (B) of theirs. Both contain a similarly named file that is read when calling the methods I'm calling. It looks like depending on which library is loaded later in the classpath is the file I get. Clojure CLI loads library A after the dependency, library B (as I would expect). Cursive looks like it's pretty random in what gets loaded when and in this instance loads the dependency, library B, after library A (not what I would expect) and the wrong file gets read.

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Oliver George05:02:41

I imagine Colin will be pretty responsive if you posot to the #cursive channel.

Hugh Powell06:02:20

Talking to the folks at work and it seems that classpaths are just a pain. I don't think either approach is correct, just one happened to work in one instance and one didn't. Having a file in our own resources folder forces the issue and that's a good enough fix for us 😄


Good god that's a weird bug. Glad you sorted out


Also, good morning all

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