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Oliver George05:02:30

I'm trying to port a re-frame app to use the new :bundle target based on the webpack tutorial. Prior to this I used the approach from the old webpack tutorial. I'm finding webpack takes inpractically long (10 minutes) to perform chunk asset optimisation.

% webpack --progress resources/public/js/index.js -o resources/public/js/app.js
92% chunk asset optimization TerserPlugin ... 
If I configure the TerserPlugin and set compress: false it improves to a few seconds. I suspect the slowness is caused by webpack chewing on the ~2mb advanced build output from my app. Are there recommended webpack settings to avoid pointless "compress the compressed file" slowness? PS. I've created a


hey guys. I don’t know anything near modern js, and I don’t know cljs, but I have a bit of a project idea and I’d like to do both the front and back end in clj[s]. It mostly deals with collecting and presenting datat. Wondering if any of you guys have suggestion on what library I might use on the front end to show the data. Specifically I want a line graph low water threshold, and maybe shading based ontime of day (on x). Literally just a temperature plot of indoor vs outdoor


If you mean plotting library, then I'm pretty happy with Vega. There are also some wrappers for D3, although you could use it directly via interop.


Yeah, I wasn’t even aware of Vega, but last night I did some playing around with Oz, which wraps vega and vega light, and it might fit the bill. Will try to find some D3 lib.