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🎉 Another step forward! 🎉

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Lukas Domagala11:03:11

Did you describe the electron extension anywhere? I’m guessing its just (p/open {:launcher :electron})? Are there any major problems left with it?

Lukas Domagala11:03:08

If I ever find any spare minute again I’d really like to help with adding some documentation to portal 🙂 Maybe the next clojurerists together funding round should just be for technical writers that help out all of our projects 😉

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Yeah, the main things left for it are: • Fixing errors around process exit • Build /package script • Some install / usage docs

Lukas Domagala18:03:09

Nice, I'll try it this week!

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R.A. Porter20:03:42

Weird, to me, behavior that I haven't quite wrapped my head around. I've a lein-based figwheel app, and to simplify (I hope) my life I've got an injection in my local profiles.clj defining a fn to start up the portal IJ plugin, listening to a remote port. So start REPL, start portal, then start figwheel. Once figwheel is up, I'm adding a web tap. But it seems like the cljs process doesn't stop when I kill the REPL, because when I restart and run through the process again, I get yet another tap target set. I'm trying to be too clever, by minimizing the keystrokes I have to hit, so instead of deffing the target function once, I'm adding it on the fly, but figured that would be safe because I figured cljs would stop and restart.

R.A. Porter20:03:57

Uh...I killed and restarted that instance of IJ and my four current tap targets are all still there. I'll try killing all of them, maybe? And then looking for nohupd processes?


So which process is doing the multiple taps? The server process or the client process?

R.A. Porter00:03:13

It looks to me like the cljs client has multiple tap targets set (because of the way I was trying to add the tap), all pointing to the server. I just can't figure out how they are persisting after I kill the repl. I'm guessing the cljs repl is launching behind somehow, and staying active. It's a bit confusing. I'll try to get a short video tomorrow.


How many clients do you have open?


I don't know how figwheel like to hot reload it's namespaces, but it might be related to that :thinking_face:

R.A. Porter00:03:10

So 1. It's definitely not Portal's fault. It would happen with any tap target. 2. It's weird REALLY weird. If you have a few minutes, watch this... After stopping the REPL and restarting, it's clear that cljs has NOT restarted.

R.A. Porter00:03:09

I've resolved by not trying to be overly clever, so now I'm bound to a particular symbol and don't get duplicates in the map of tap targets.