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Vishva Nath Dutt Sharma05:03:50

👋 Hello, team! My name is Vishva nath, I am software developer from India. I am a polyglot programmer, Clojure is my first functional language and I want to learn more and if possible help newbies as well. Hoping to learn from you all. clojure-spin

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Hey everyone. I’m new to clojure & clojurescript and I’m eager to learn more. I currently work with Elm, but I constantly find myself in a very time consuming no-win battle between writing simple data and having the type checker force me to handle cases I know to be impossible, or spending hours and use all kinds of type level tricks and goofy impractical data structures to “make impossible states impossible”. This struggle sparked the question: “Are types really worth the hassle?“. The belief that they are worth the hassle is something I’ve held without really questioning deeply for quite some time, never deeper than the boilerplate benefits: Documentation; Rule out classes of errors; etc. Anyway, I’m excited to jump into clojure and try to answer this question. 😄

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Jacobo Cordova11:03:49

Hello Everyone!, I'm an electric engineer who love to program. Working at Improving clojure and clojurescript.

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