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Hey folks. Is it possible to use clojure to develop an intellij plugin? Scala can certainly be used (


I thought part of Cursive was written in Clojure, but also a significant part in Kotlin.


Clojure can be used anywhere where JVM is used and where there's an ability to load JARs.


> Clojure can be used anywhere where JVM is used and where there's an ability to load JARs. Including minecraft, both client and server minecraft

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All encouraging answers. Now I actually have to come up with something. 😅 Thank you folks


Hey, native english speakers! We had a text translated from German to English by a translation office, and one thing does not sit right with us: At some point there is the phrase “HANDCRAFTED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT”. I’d usually trust that the translators know what they are doing, but it raised the question: Software can be handcrafted (in a way) because it is the result, but the development itself is a process so the adjective doesn’t match. What do you think?


Yea that sounds off. The only somewhat related term I could think of would be 'indie'.

Jon Boone15:03:30

"Handcrafted software development" is perfectly acceptable English, IMO. Can you provide a bit more context?


@U025L93BC1M It is in the claim for our website “HANDCRAFTED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT MADE TO INSPIRE”. An employee raised the point, that “handcrafted software made to inspire” might make more sense, as the “handcrafted” relates to the software, not the development process. But it’s totally possible that we have a too-german-grammar-approach on this.


@U08JKUHA9 you mean “indie” instead of “handcrafted”?


I'm not a native speaker, but FWIW the phrase does sound off, while still being grammatically correct English. Feels like maybe it should be "tailored software development" or something akin to that.


@U0N9SJHCH What is the original? And does it sound "good"?


@U0N9SJHCH yes. But I'm not sure if it matches the vibe you are going for.


What p-himik said above (tailored) might be closer to the original intent actually


Handcrafted is pretty close to something like 'artisanal', which I've seen used (ironically perhaps) at times.


@U2FRKM4TW The original is in German, “Softwareentwicklung mit Handwerk und Begeisterung”. “Handwerk” is the noun for “handcrafted”, might translate to “craftsmanship”?


Interesting, google translate just says 'Software development with craftsmanship and enthusiasm'

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That actually sounds perfect. And I don't know German, but it seems to fit the original structurally much better than what the translation office has come up with.

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The google translation there makes a lot of sense to me. The literal “handcrafted software” sounds strange or marketing speak. “software development with craftsmanship and enthusiasm” sounds like it speaks of the teams values and ethics

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Yea I like the google one if that is correct


Thank you guys for your feedback. Language stops working for me, the more I think about it 😄


One last question: Would “craft” be more inclusive than “craftsmanship”?


It works. But if you want to just shorten the phrase, I'd also replace "enthusiasm", to make it more balanced. Something like "software development with craft and vigor". Although, after a second look at it, "craft and enthusiasm" doesn't sound bad either. A matter of preference, I suppose.


Is maybe bespoke a better word here?


I would have thought hand crafted was regarding the software being developed specifically for the problem it's solving.


Are your translators also marketers? They might have wanted to imply custom software created with care. I agree it does sound a bit artisanal/granola but if that’s the audience you are targeting, it might be fine.


@U0N9SJHCH It is definitely intelligible english, it will get interpreted to be figurative speech. However, you're correct in observing that the word "handcrafted" is a bit incongruous with its usage in describing a service (software development) rather than a product (software).


Most of the rest of this thread is attempting to find a modifier for services that effects the same qualitative assessment as "handcrafted" does for a product.


Personally, I believe the overall effect of the usage if I were to read this when looking for a team to contract, my reaction would be "I like their values, but they don't seem to be successful enough yet to be able to put together a really good press kit"


I've seen "Programming with hand tools" as a talk title:


Thanks for the feedback, that really helped! I guess we will contact the translators again and tell them about our concerns. If this does not work, maybe we need to switch to sbd. with a better understanding of tech.


Lots of good proposals here but I second @U013YN3T4DA’s comment, and hope you did not overlook it. Note that when using modifying words such as adverbs or other "combined words" in English, then it can sometimes be hard to know which words relate to each other. In other words, even if you feel handcrafted does not fit with development, you can consider that it is the software that is handcrafted as opposed to the development. In my view, Handcrafted software development could also mean: Development of handcrafted software. The latter is of course less ambiguous. German and similar languages are better 😉 because word combinations are written without a space which makes things less ambiguous: ( Software Development <-> Softwareentwicklung)


Oh sorry, I'm not strictly a native English speaker so I see now that I should have been disqualified. But maybe a strong interest in languages is enough 😉


Strong interest in language is fine, thank you for your 2 cents 😉 I have not overlooked @U013YN3T4DA ’s comment, we are taking “bespoke” into consideration. Another interesting point might be, how many non-native speakers know the word “bespoke”, as we are targeting not only native speakers, but also use english to reach out to others.


Yes, and for that purpose custom is likely more widespread than bespoke, but it depends on how precise you want to be. Custom-made is perhaps even better.


Do they want “artisanal?”