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Dustin Getz16:03:57

More staging area progress. This UI is a pure functional stream expression that emits EAV txs which transact on the server then reflow the reactive UI. See the time basis inc with each tx, proving client/server communication (fully managed by Photon)

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👏 Now there's something I can understand 😄 Very tangential, but how are you recording these? It looks really slick!

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Geoffrey Gaillard20:03:47

We use Kap brew install kap

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Dustin Getz16:03:38

Not half bad reactive notebook experience - Geoffrey made this test utility in a couple hours


It has been a while since I did a deep dive on Datomic, but ISTR sth about Datomic "pushing" changes to the client. Is that at all involved here? Sorry if that is a dumb question--not really sure what is being demonstrated. But when I saw the bit about pushing changes to the client I started thinking about connecting Cells dataflow to the database, sth I was able to do in Lisp using Franz's persistent CLOS AllegroStore. Super powerful. As you know, come to think of it! 🙂

Dustin Getz17:03:03

These images are about Photon, our Clojure dialect for frontend/backend UI with compiler-managed network They are just calling the database repeatedly as the UI changes To do better than that you'd probably want a streaming database like Materialized

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