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Announcing the first release of Dinâmico (v0.0.6). Program a mobile app using Clojure (backend) with Flutter (boilerplate included) as the presentation layer. • Reified (oh no, that word again) functions for easy lookup of parameters ◦ (-dn/doc dn/decorated-box :decoration :boxShadow :blurStyle) ;; => [:schema {:registry {}} [:enum :inner :normal :outer :solid]] • Malli schemas automatically derived (amazonica-like) ◦ The library is a thin wrapper over where the json schemas are fetched from • Hot reload using your usual code environment (the thin layer in Dart just has to pull data regularly while in development)

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This is mind blowing. I must play with it!

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If you want to ship your Clojure backend code to your mobile, you might also be able to use this approach:

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@U5R6XUARE, do you have some example app? I wonder how to model complex ui with this approach, how handle clicks


@UL05W6AEM Take a look at, it has a concept of registry which you can use for it. Dinâmico just returns a map which json_dynamic_widget understands o/

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new release (record coercion related bugfix)

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Sam Ritchie14:03:48

Hey all! I’ll be giving three talks in Portugal next week, all of which will be streaming online. I’d love if you’d come watch! At the “Building SICMUtils, the Atelier of Abstractions” and a keynote, “Lisp as Renaissance Workshop: A Lispy Tour through Mathematical Physics”, and at <;programming> 2022>, Expect lots of Clojure pitching and love, and discussion of #sci, #sicmutils, #clerk, #clojurescript, #visual-tools and some horn-tooting about how great our community feels to be a part of.

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Darrick Wiebe22:04:54

Hey! Do you know if any of your talks will appear on youtube or be otherwise available to watch later?

Sam Ritchie17:04:48

@U01D37REZHP just seeing this, yes, two are available and the third was similar enough to the first that you won't miss much

Sam Ritchie17:04:44

Thanks for asking!!

Darrick Wiebe18:04:35

Perhaps I'm missing something since I don't normally use Twitch, but both of the video links appear to be dead.

Sam Ritchie18:04:55

Oh no! I didn't realize. I'll see what I can find out about how to get those back up, or where the links will live. Sorry; didn't click them to test myself

Darrick Wiebe18:04:07

Hope you can find them!! 🙂