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Wadogo scales - Clojure implementation of d3 scales. I've just released documented version of the library. It's still SNAPSHOT (depends on snapshot version of fastmath), but can be treated as a beta. Documentation is created with #clerk

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Hi everyone! is released. No much additions, but rather some code cleanup as well as fixes to documentation and examples (thanks to @onetom for that).

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Noah Bogart15:03:30

I’ve not seen this before, it looks cool as hell!

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Joshua Suskalo16:03:33

would highly recommend! flow is fantastic

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Just created a new - here's the - some bug fixing (thanks @kolstae) and starting to look at supporting a for clojure applications running on kubernetes (thanks @mruzekw).

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#nbb, scripting for Clojure on Node.js via SCI, v0.2.8 is out Major new additions since v0.1.6: β€’ REPL auto-complete implementation. See demo in Calva β€’ Improvements around promises: has new macros and an experimental top level nbb.core/await function to ease exploring async code in the REPL. Try it out on your system with:

npx [email protected]
Full changelogs: If you want to hear more about #nbb, next week I'm giving a talk about it at London Clojurians!

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