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Yuner Bekir10:03:31

Is there a way to increase the number of lines that can get shown as a result of a function execution in the repl?


This is definitely reviving, but I’ve encountered exceptions taking a long time to show up in a non-dockerized repl. It takes about 3 seconds for the exception to show up, and the stack trace is only 16 lines long time spent serializing it isn’t likely to be the cause. I also notice that if the exception was a CompilerException, after an exception is raised, I see an error popup in the bottom right of VSCode that says “n.filter is not a function”. That might be a separate issue though. Even stranger, this slow exception behavior happens on one of my computers, in a fresh project on another computer, exceptions appear almost instantaneously. Maybe this is unrelated, but it looks like throw might not be getting highlighted correctly either? I’d expect it to be the same color as def. Sorry for the word barf, I’m just excited to have finally reproduced the issue


You are welcome to file an issue about the delay. At least I don't thnk we have one... The n.filter might be a clue so mention that in the issue, please.


The highlighting... What do you get if you inspect with Developer Inspect Tokens and Scopes?


Looks like clojure-lsp is not recognizing it as a macro. I vaguely remember this being a known issue. Maybe search a bit in #lsp about it.


Didn’t find anything, I’ll post in there about it

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Should I add onto this issue or file a new one?


If you think it might be the same issue then add on to it. You can also create a new one and link to it as possibly related. We are not too strict around these things. Mostly people make good calls, and we rather have too many reports than too few. 😃

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Oh hey I've been seeing the n.filter thing too! When evaluating a whole file which contains errors. I didn't pay much attention to it


I filed an issue about the n.filter issue recently: It’s probably a fairly easy fix, I just haven’t gotten to it.


But others are welcome to take a crack at it too, if anyone wants to.